Is there emergancy call system?

yes we have a modern call system with call points in each room

can you see the menu?

yes all menus are displayed on a daily bases for residents and visitors to see

Do staff knock on the door before entering the room?

yes all staff are trained to treat each resident with dignity and respect

Is their a garden where we can sit?

we have a lovely garden and encourage all residents to use it to entertain their visitor we even have some relatives that like to help out in the garden.

What special diets can be catered for?

We can cater for most special diets i.e. Dibectics, low fat, high fiber and religous needs.

Can you have a trial visit?

We offer have trial visits for upto 4-6weeks at a time.

Is there a seperate dining/lounge?

We provide a seperate dining/lounge area.